About Koinonia


Koinonia of Montana’s ideal is to be the vehicle through which the life in Christ may be experienced by a participant in a weekend whose purpose is to enable Christians to live the Christian ideal with the support and nurturing of fellow Christians in small groups, in the church, and to promote the establishment of the Christian community for the glory of God.



The purpose of Koinonia of Montana is to provide an example of Christian Community to Christians of all denominations.  With God’s help, we will create a Christ-centered community, providing opportunities for Christian fellowship, growth, and worship beginning in the form of a weekend.  Within this loving Christian environment, we will foster personal growth by revealing Christ’s work in our lives through open and honest sharing of our life’s journeys, celebrations, and struggles.  We will provide individuals with opportunities to use their God given gifts and talents.  We will pray for each other and relate to each other with acceptance and encouragement while acknowledging and recognizing that each person is God’s unique creation.  Through service and kindness, we will model God’s unconditional love.  All this we will accomplish through the power of prayer, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, love of the Father, and sacrifice of the Son.  Our hope is that this experience will provide participants with knowledge of how a Christian Community can function in order for them to bring that knowledge back to their home church community.