What is it?

Koinonia (Coin – O – Nee – Uh) means “a gathering.”

The Koinonia weekend is just that; it brings together people from different communities for a learning, sharing, inspirational experience in Christian living. The first weekend was held in Ohio, in the spring of 1972, and is patterned after the Catholic Cursillo. Although the weekend is modified slightly from the Cursillo weekend, the basic theme exists: “a short course in Christian Living”.

The weekend consists of 9 short talks.  Some topics covered by the talks include Ideals, God’s Grace, Action, Study, most of which are given by laypeople.  There is time for discussions within small groups after each talk, music and fellowship.  The weekend is one filled with joy, sharing of concerns, informal conversation, singing, and laughter.

A Koinonia weekend is for anyone who is interested in participating in the Christian life and the world around them. The weekend is many things, to many people, but most of all it is an experience to be lived.

Within the forty-four hours of the weekend, complete strangers become a true Christian community.

Approaching Koinonia:

How should you approach a Koinonia weekend?

  • Be curious!
  • Be open to what happens and living in the now.
  • Be honest with yourself as to where you are in your pilgrimage.
  • Know that a specific response is not expected of you.
  • Allow others to respond in their way and yourself in your own way.

The Koinonia weekend is not a retreat.  There is no fasting, no long periods of silence and very little solitude.  The Koinonia weekend is many things, but most of all it is an experience to be lived.  The weekend is one filled with joy, much informal conversation, singing, and a lot of fun and laughter.  Within the forty-four hours of the weekend, complete strangers at the beginnings become a true Christian community, experiencing the divine mystery of Christ’s endless love.  The experience of a Koinonia weekend is described differently by each person.

Weekend Offerings:

A potential for growth with an emphasis on:

  • An opportunity for discovering more of the meaning of life through Christian community and unconditional love.
  • A sharing in the creative process of becoming and recognizing that we are “fellow-strugglers” not “finished products”.
  • A way of renewal in the church.
  • A focus of responsibility and mission beyond Koinonia.
  • A launching pad to encourage action in the church and in the world.
  • An experience of continuing Christian community.

The Koinonia weekend begins on a Friday evening and ends Sunday afternoon.  The laity and clergy who comprise the “team” spend weeks working together preparing their talks.  It takes careful planning because the weekend is short and the subjects are extensive.

Who will be there?

People like yourself, laity and clergy, who are curious, searching, discovering and growing their Christian faith.